TOYAKO Manga Anime Fest


Lake Toya will be bustling for two days with cosplayers. The area around Lake Toya will be the event space while hotels, restaurants and even convenience stores will welcome everyone in their cosplay costumes.

Other events will be held, including original art displays, panel discussions with voice actors, mini concerts, “itasha” decorated car displays, markets for “doujinshi” self-published works, anime song dance parties and much more.

Here are a list of events for 2014.

Check here for details→ [ Official website ]
* Voice actor panel discussions
* Original art displays
* Lake Toya hot springs cosplay staging area
* Cosplay car display
* Markets for self-published works
* Festival booths

Events are subject to change.
Please check out the official website for details.

Venue: Lake Toya Toyako Hot Springs, Hokkaido
Sponsor: TOYAKO Manga Anime Fest Organizing Committee
Contact: 0142-75-2446 Toyako Onsen Tourism Association