If you are traveling from Honshu,


the best airport to use would be New Chitose Airport.


Via Tsugaru Strait Muroran Main Line・Hakodate main line Hakodate Toya(Express use) About two hours


Transport in Hokkaido


From New Chitose Airport
Hokkaidō Expressway Chitose interchange~Abuta-Toyako Interchange. 109.1km
From Sapporo district
National Highway No. 230 in Sapporo~Jozankei~Nakayama Pass~Lake Toya onsen About 2 hours and 10 minutes
From Tomakomai, Muroran
National Highway No. 36 Tomakomai Higashi interchange~Abuta-Toyako Interchange 97.2km
National Highway No. 36 Tomakomai~Muroran、National Highway No. 37 Muroran ~ Date、National Highway No. 453 Date~Lake Toya onsen About 2 hours and 40 minutes
From Hakodate direction
National Highway No. 5 Hakodate~Oshamambe、National Highway No. 37 Oshamambe~Toyoura、National Highway No. 230 Toyoura~Lake Toya onsen (About 3 hours and 20 minutes)
National Highway No. 5 Hakodate~Oshamambe、Hokkaidō Expressway Oshamanbe interchange~Abuta-Toyako Interchange About 60km


Near the station JRToya Station (TEL:0142-76-2525)
Please use the Donan bus or taxi from Toya Station
From New Chitose Airport
Muroran Main Line New Chitose Airport~Minami Chitose、Minami Chitose~Toya(Express use) About 1 hour 30 minutes
From Muroran
Muroran Main Line Higashimuroran~Toya(Express use) About 30 minutes
From Hakodate direction
Muroran Main Line・Hakodate main line Hakodate ~Toya(Express use) About 30 minutes


Donan bus(Toya office TEL:0142-75-2351)
From Sapporo
JRSapporo Station~Lake Toya onsen About 2 hours and 45 minutes
From Muroran
Muroran Port~Date~JRToya Station About 2 hours 12 minutes、JRToya Station~Lake Toya onsen About 20 minutes
Bus timetable is here